Rural PATHS Coordinators' Resources

The websites and resources on this page are intended to help the Coordinators, Advocates, and Task Force Members in the Rural PATHS (Partners in Transformation for Health and Safety) – Coordinated Community Response in Southern Arizona Addressing Violence Against Rural Women Project to further explore local and national resources addressing sexual violence and domestic violence.  If a resource that you use is not listed here, you may submit it to Jean McClelland (her contact information can be found in the right hand column of this page).  

Coordinators wishing to access the expanded list of training materials internal to the project will need to be logged in at, with the logon information that you have been provided in training sessions.  

For additional online resources, we are building the VAWA Resources page, with the following categories of national and local information and training resources.  Some of these are long established coalitions and programs, and many will have Office for Violence Against Women-funded networks and informational materials.  If you are aware of any resources that are missing, please let us know, and we will be glad to add them!

Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Special Populations (Immigrants; Elderly; Youth and Children; LGBTQA; Disabilities)