Webinar: Primary Care Provider Burnout: What States Need to Know and What They Can Do About It

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February 8, 2017 - 1:00pm

As primary care practices struggle to keep up with the growing demands of a constantly changing healthcare environment, states experience increasing difficulty recruiting busy practices to participate in delivery and payment reform demonstrations. This trend mirrors increasing rates of provider burnout.  Using the experience of the Heart of Virginia Healthcare (HVH) as a lens, this webinar will provide an overview of the scope and impact of provider burnout, particularly as it relates to state health policy and what states can do about it. HVH is one of seven regional cooperatives reaching 1,500 primary care practices nationwide as part of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's EvidenceNOW initiative.  With the anticipation of more changes to our health system, it is more important than ever for state officials to have an awareness of primary care burnout and to consider a proactive response. 
  • Anton Kuzel, MD, MHPE, Principal Investigator, Heart of Virginia Healthcare, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Cathy Kelly, FNP, Charles City Regional Health Services
  • Michael Talley, Practice Coach, Physician Practice Consultant, Health Quality Innovators
  • William Hazel, Jr., MD, Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Commonwealth of Virginia
For additional information on burnout, please see NASHP’s recent brief Primary Care Provider Burnout: Implications for States & Strategies for Mitigation.
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