Slideshow for 42st Annual Arizona Rural Health Conference & 10th Annual Performance Improvement Summit

Kim Russell

Kim Russell, Executive Director of the Advisory Council on Indian Health Care, addresses the conference.

Will Humble

Will Humble presenting on Using Integrated Paramedicine to Improve Population Health.

Robert Fleet

Robert Fleet, President Elect of the Arizona Rural Health Association introduces the first awardee.

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

Frank Lloyd Wright's Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona.

Roselyn Riggs

Roselyn Riggs, Manager of the CHC's Mobile Health Program in Tuba City, answers questions on oral health in American Indian communities.

Allie Stender

Allie Stender with the Coconino County Public Health Services District discussing rural sexual health services.

Rebecca Ruiz (right) and Patricia Tarango (left) pause to chat in the exhibitor hallway.

C. Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward led a session on gender issues in rural health.

Gordon Jensen

Gordon Jensen (center) has attended Rural Health Conferences from the very beginning.

Jill Bullock and Joyce Hospodar

Jill Bullock (left) and Joyce Hospodar introducing their "Shining Star" Award for 2015.

Anthony Cappa

Anthony Cappa, MD discusses a model for integrating medical Spanish into health provider training.

Krista Foster

Krista Foster, Program Specialist with the Arizona Supreme Court's Adult Probation Supervision Division talks about using mapping to maximize treatment services for criminal justice populations.

Tom Betlach at the podium.

Tom Betlach, Director, AHCCCS, addressing the conference.

Sedona red rocks

The beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Jim Tavary and Tichard Wedig

Jim Tavary, President and CEO of Wickenburg Community Hospital and Richard Wedig, Director of Clinics and Surgical Services, discuss developing surgical centers for rural hospitals.

Brad Dreifuss

Brad Dreifuss, MD, Director of Rural and Global Health Programs for the UA Dept. of Emergency Medicine, discusses his poster about preparing emergency physicians for the rural practice environment.

Exhibitors at conference.

Twenty three exhibitors participated in this year's conference.

Neil Jensen

Neil Jensen, CEO of Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center, presenting at one of the many break out sessions.

Amanda Aguirre speaks at annual awards luncheon.

Amanda Aguirre introduces the 2015 annual awards luncheon.

Eric Lander at the Rural Health Conference.

Medical student Eric Lander (right) with Liz Barta with the Arizona Poison Control Center.

Patrick Enking, PA from NAU presenting his poster, "One Physician Assistant Program's Dedication to Medically Underserved Communities."

Zafer Genc

Zafer Genc, a clinical pharmacist at La Paz Regional Hospital, presents his poster, "Initiation of a Multidisciplinary Diabetes Program."

Floribella Redondo

Floribella Redondo, President of AZCHOW speaks about strengthening the community health worker movement in Arizona.

Red rock formations.

Red rock formations.

Sedona sunset

Sedona sunset.

Dr. John Moroney

Dr. John Moroney giving an update on HRSA activities.

Kathleen McLaughlin

Kathleen McLaughlin, Executive Director of the Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network, speaking about teaming up against abuse.

Leslie Dornfield

Leslie Dornfield, principal and owner of PLAN*et Communities presents her findings on Miami and Ganado Health Assessments and the impact of the built environment on community health as Anissa Jonovich (left) and Jim Cunningham (right) look on.

Deidre Greyeyes at the microphone.

Deidre Greyeyes is at the mic during the session on Oral Health in American Indian Communities.

Matt Eckhoff

Matt Eckhoff, Program Director of Community Integrated Paramedicine for the Rio Rico Medical & Fire District.

Ann King White

Ann King White discusses CAH metrics and financial measures.

Allison Hughes at the Rural Health Conference

Allison Hughes (right) discusses rural health issues at AZ Center for Rural Health's exhibit.

Raymond Andrade

Raymond Andrade with the Western Region Public Health Training Center presents findings from a needs assessment survey of public health professionals.

Leonard Kirschner

Leonard Kirschner, MD, MPH, presenting to a break out session on the Arizona AHCCCS program.

Audience at annual conference

Over 180 people attended this year's conference.

Ronald Weinstein and Bob Burns

Allison Hughes (left), Ronald Weinstein, MD (center) and former AZ State Senator Bob Burns (right) at the book signing and talk.

Gail Emrick

Gail Emrick, SEAHEC Executive Director reviews their year's activities and accomplishments.

Chérie Passalacqua with Joyce Hospodar and Jill Bullock

Chérie Passalacqua (center), Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance for White Mountain Regional Medical Center, receiving the "Shining Star Award" from Jill Bullock and Joyce Hospodar for her generous service to Arizona's Critical Access Hospitals.

Dr. John Moroney

Dr. John Moroney of HRSA (left) with Dan Derksen and Alyssa Padilla.

Michael Dupont

Michael Joe Dupont, presents his book, "Four Decades in the Desert: The University of Arizona's Center for Rural Health, 1970-2015."

At one of the many excellent general sessions.

At one of the many excellent general sessions.

Heather Williams

Heather Williams from Coconino County Public Health Service presents her poster, "Passing Booster Seat Policies in the Hualapai Nation: A Cooperative Effort."

Recipient of Rural Health Award.

Amanda Aguirre (left) presents 2015 Distinguished Martha Ortiz Volunteer Award to Mrs. Ramona Corrales as Ana Roscetti looks on.

Michael Dupont with Sonia Nieves and Sharon Vanskiver

Michael Dupont, author of "Four Decades in the Desert: The University of Arizona's Center for Rural Health," with Sonia Nieves (left) and Sharon Vanskiver (right).


Another view of beautiful Sedona.

A furry conference attendee.

Suzie Q was one of our furry attendees.

Ann Nichols

Ann Nichols (center) and Allison Hughes (right) browsing through memories in the 50-year history book about the Center for Rural Health.

Attendees included a couple of well-behaved dogs, including Chopper here.

Dan Derksen, MD at the podium.

Daniel Derksen, MD, presenting on AZ Marketplace and ACA issues.

Joyce Hospodar

Joyce Hospodar, Senior Advisor for Rural Programs at the Center for Rural Health, presents her poster on Performance Improvement at Arizona's Trauma Centers.

Robert Fleet and Amanda Aguirre

Robert Fleet presents Amanda Aguirre with special Kachina in appreciation for her service.

Ronald Knox

Roland Knox, CEO of Northern Cochise Community Hospital in Willcox, presenting at the PI Summit for Critical Access Hospitals.

Brad Dreifuss and Ronald Knox

Brad Dreifuss (left) and Roland Knox (right)

Ronald Weinstein and Ann Nichols

Ronald Weinstein, MD, and Ann Nichols after the book signing and talk.

Lining up for book copies.

Participants lining up to receive signed copies of the book from Author Mike Dupont. Gregory Was (left), Patricia Tarango (middle); Amanda Aguirre (right).

Jill Bullock and Alyssa Padilla

Jill Bullock (left) and Alyssa Padilla enjoying the scenery in Sedona.

Attendees network at the Rural Health Conference.

Networking opportunities are a key part of the Rural Health Conferences.

Jack Beveridge

Jack Beveridge presents to standing room crowd on his findings from his trip to Cuba.

Melanie Mitros

Melanie Mitros, Director of Strategic Community Partnerships at St. Luke's Health Initiatives and Martha Moore-Monroy (left).

Susan Goodman

Susan Goodman, RN, JD, presenting on lessons from a collaborative compliance demo project.

Nancy Rowe

Nancy Rowe, associate director for outreach for the Arizona Telemedicine Program, presenting on telemedicine services for rural hospitals.

Cholla cacti

Cholla cacti and mesas.

Conference attendees taking a refreshment break.

Left to right: Matt Eckhoff, Tom Morris, Tony LoGiudice, Les Caid networking during a refreshment break.

Hilton Sedona Resort.

The Hilton Sedona Resort was the location for this year's conference.

Amy McPherson

Amy McPherson, MPH student, with her poster presentation on community paramedicine in rural communities.

Will Humble with community EMS providers.

Will Humble (left), Les Caid (middle) and Tony LoGiudice answer questions after the session on community paramedicine.

Conference attendees.

Greg Was, CEO of White Mountain Regional Medical Center (foreground) and Alyssa Padilla (back) listening to one of the many excellent presenters.

View of Sedona from Airport Road.

View of Sedona from Airport Road.

Dr. Derksen and others networking.

Sharing a moment to talk, left to right: Ali Gabriel, Alicia Thompson, Rogelio Martinez and Dan Derksen.

Dan Derksen, MD at the podium.

Dan Derksen addressing the conference.

Flowers and landscape.

Flowers and landscape.

Jaymus Lee and Eric Lander

Arizona medical students Jaymus Lee and Eric Lander presenting their poster, "Students Helping Arizona Register Everyone: Improving Insurance Education and Access."

Amanda Aguirre

Amanda Aguirre speaking at the annual awards luncheon.

Bethany Adams

Bethany Adams presents to break out session.

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