2nd Annual National Rural Health Day Photo Contest


National Rural Health Day is coming up on November 15th, and that means we’re re-launching our 2nd Annual National Rural Health Day Photo Contest. Last year’s “I Support Rural Health” theme brought in photos from rural health supports all over Arizona. It was a major success (and a lot of fun).

This year’s theme is “Rural Health in Action.” We’re looking for photos that best showcase, highlight and describe the rural health work being done in Arizona.

Join us this National Rural Health Day to celebrate the people and work being done in rural Arizona!

 To enter the contest

  1. Take a photo of rural health work being done! The photos can be of recently completed rural health projects, rural health offices or hospitals, community events or conferences, pictures in the field, etc.  Be creative!
  2. Provide a caption for the photo to explain what the photo is about, and if applicable, names of people in the photo.  
  3. Download, complete, and send in a photo release form with your photo(s).
  4. Send your photos and photo release forms to: davidbui@email.arizona.edu
  5. Submit by November 13th November 16th to be considered for a prize.
  6. Up to three photos and captions can be submitted per person.

Note: The photo contest has been extended through Friday, November 16th! Submit your photos now!


Prizes will be awarded to the top two photos and captions that most creatively and aesthetically showcase rural health work in Arizona and its impact on communities. 1st place prize is a $100 gift card and 2nd place prize is a $50 gift card. For more information, please contact davidbui@email.arizona.edu.