About AZ Flex

About AzFlex

Arizona's Critical Access Hospitals

Arizona Rural Hospital Flexibility Program (AzFlex) – In 1999, the Center for Rural Health initiated the AzFlex Program, with funding from HRSA’s Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program. Today, 15 rural Arizona hospitals have federal Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation.

CAHs have less than 25 inpatient beds, are 35 miles or more from another facility, staff a 24-hour/7days per week Emergency Department, and maintain acute care status by averaging less than 96 hours for an inpatient stay. Medicare reimburses CAHs on a reasonable cost basis for inpatient and outpatient services. Enhanced reimbursement through Medicare and state funding (such as the Arizona CAH Pool), help sustain crucial safety net services in rural communities.

AzFlex offers support and technical assistance to CAHs in core areas including:

  • Performance and Quality Improvement
  • Operational and Financial Improvement
  • Population Health Management and Emergency Medical Services Integration