Health Information Technology

The Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office (ASET) is launching an Unconnected Providers’ grant program for the purpose of supporting Health Information Exchange (HIE) planning and implementation for health care organizations. The grant program is aimed at stimulating the adoption of HIE for healthcare providers who currently have not planned or implemented an information exchange solution.

Highlights of ASET Grant Program

  • Total amount of funding available for distribution is up to $1.1 million.
  • Estimated award amount for a single organization application is up to $25,000 for implementation planning, and up to $50,000 if implementing an HIE solution, with joint applications being eligible for up to $50,000 for implementation planning and up to $100,000 for implementing an HIE solution.
  • Period of performance of the grant is six (6) months – January 2013 to June 2013.
  • Matching requirements – cash or in-kind of at least 50% of the grant award.
  • Individual providers are not eligible for this grant award.
  • The target for this grant program is healthcare organizations and facilities.
  • Grant applications are due to ASET by Friday, November 16, 2012.

Please see the attachment for guidance.