Rural Health Clinics

Rural Health Clinics

A Rural Health Clinic (RHC) is a primary healthcare clinic located in a non-urbanized area that has been shown to have a shortage of healthcare services or healthcare providers, and has been certified as a Rural Health Clinic under Medicare. The greatest benefit of the program is cost-based (enhanced) reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid. In 1977, Congress passed the Rural Health Clinic Act, or Public Law 95-210, to address the lack of access to primary medical care in rural communities and to assist with the financial challenges faced by rural healthcare facilities. In addition, this law focused on increasing the utilization of mid-level practitioners in underserved areas.

Becoming a RHC

For information on how to be designated as a RHC go to:
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CAH Affiliated Rural Health Clinics

Below is a list of CAH affiliated RHCs. For contact information go to:
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  • Community Healthcare of Douglas Inc, Douglas
  • Copper Queen Medical Associates-Bisbee
  • Copper Queen Medical Associates-Douglas
  • Greasewood Clinic, Ganado
  • Kearny Clinic, Kearny
  • Palominas / Hereford Rural Health Clinic, Palominas
  • Pleasant Valley Community Medical Center (Urgent Care), Young
  • Sage Outpatient Clinic, Ganado
  • Sulphur Springs Medical Center, Willcox
  • Sunsites Medical Center, Pearce
  • Superior Clinic, Superior
  • Wickenburg Hospital Clinic, Wickneburg
  • Wide Ruins Clinic, Ganado

Other Arizona Rural Health Clinics

  • Bouse Medical Clinic, Bouse
  • La Paz Medical Services Quartzsite (Urgent Care), Quartzsite
  • San Luis Walk-In Clinic-D (Urgent Care Center), San Luis
  • Tri-Valley Medical Center, Salome