12 Things You Should Know About Healthcare Rights

Healthcare Has Changed Know Your RightsThe Southwest Rural Policy Network has put together a simple and easy to follow guide to ease the confusion on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  1. Young People can stay on their parents’ health insurance plans until they’re 26 years old.
  2. All healthcare plans cover preventive services including:
    • Well-baby checkups
    • Diabetes tests
    • Flu shots
    • Many cancer screenings
  3. More people will be covered by Medicaid
    • Starting 2014, Medicaid eligibility will be expanded to about 300,000 Arizonans!
  4. Tax credits will make insurance more affordable
  5. Coverage for people with pre-existing conditions
    • By 2014, insurance companies can no longer refuse coverage to anyone
  6. Seniors are receiving discounts on prescription medications
  7. Nonprofits and small businesses will get a tax break for providing healthcare to employees
  8. Insurance companies cannot take back coverage
    • “Rescinding coverage” is illegal
  9. No more limits
    • Insurance companies can no longer put annual or lifetime limits on how much you are allowed to spend on medical care
  10. Health insurance exchanges
    • This will help you compare all kinds of health plans to find one that fits your needs
  11. Improved services for Native Americans
    • The Affordable Care Act reauthorized and updated the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
  12. Better access to care for immigrants
    • Legal immigrants will be eligible for subsidies to help with the cost of healthcare

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