Arizona Rural Women's Health Initiative

About the Initiative

AzSORH's Rural Women's Health Initiative provides flexible, responsive, and dedicated resources to addressing the multifaceted issues around women's health in rural communities. We are founding members of the Arizona Rural Women's Health Network, a statewide network that coordinates programs and services in order to improve access to health services and, ultimately, health outcomes for rural and underserved women throughout rural, border and tribal communities in Arizona.

Ongoing AzRWHI Activities

Health Matters for Rural Women - Newsletter
Health Matters for Rural Women is a source for news and information sharing about the health of rural women in Arizona. This newsletter presents relevant and useful topics, creates conversations, and provides a space for rural communities, health professionals, and women living in rural communties to explore health-related topics.

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Arizona Rural Women's Health Initiative Listserv

Stay up-to-date on news and events related to the health of rural women in Arizona! This listserv is used to distribute the Health Matters for Rural Women newsletter, as well as to announce trainings and events, provide access to information and resources, and to connect people across Arizona concerned with rural women's health. 

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Resources for Rural Women's Health

AzRWHI develops and provides links to resources to help rural women as health consumers as well as links to the community of providers, researchers, policymakers and community organizations that provide women with services.

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