Rural Behavioral Health Review

Rural Behavioral Health Review

On The Edge of Opportunity

The AzSORH has developed a project to review the current status of rural behavioral health care in Arizona. On the edge of opportunity: A review of the public behavioral health system in rural Arizona represents the first phase of that project. 

The report provides important views on ways in which the rural Arizona public behavioral health care system is working well and where there are challenges and opportunities for improvement. It ends with nine recommendations that require policy formation or change, additional study, or more education and training.

The review combined extensive interviews with state and local key informants, a focus group with behavioral health providers from Arizona Community Health Centers, and significant review of existing public documents. Future phases of the project will address other rural populations including those with private health care insurance, inmates of rural prisons, Native Americans covered by the Indian Health Service, and rural veterans.

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Updates:  2012-13 


The Division of Behavioral Health Services recently submitted its combined mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services State Plan for FY 12-13 to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The Plan that we submitted to SAMHSA doubles as the State Plan that’s required by ARS 36-550.01. The Plan provides an overview of Arizona’s behavioral health prevention, early identification, treatment, and recovery support systems including how the public behavioral health system is currently organized at the State, County and local levels. The Plan describes the child and adult service delivery systems highlighting their similarities and differences and how these systems address the needs of diverse racial, ethnic and sexual gender minorities as well as youth who are often underserved.

The behavioral health continuum of care is presented and discussed and the Plan explains how ADHS-DBHS is moving towards an integrated care model that provides acute services for select populations, including the Health Home initiative for persons with serious mental illness.