Social Determinants of Health GuideThe Arizona Center for Rural Health AzCRH serves Arizona through its core mission to improve the health and wellness of Arizona’s rural and underserved populations. It houses programs including the State Office of Rural Health AzSORH, the Rural Hospital Flexibility Program AzFlex, the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program AzSHIP, and the Western Region Public Health Training Center WRPHTC, AzCRH Navigator ConsortiumStudents Helping Arizona Register Everyone SHARE and the Prescription Drug Misuse & Abuse Initiative.

AzCRH serves rural Arizona by:

  • Providing education, technical assistance, data and analysis to rural partners, hospitals, and providers to help them adapt to the rapidly changing rural health environment and address unmet rural health needs;
  • Training, recruiting and retaining health professionals for rural practice;
  • Collecting, synthesizing and disseminating data to inform providers, policymakers and consumers about legislation, regulation, programs and grant opportunities to improve rural health access and outcomes.  

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