Arizona Critical Access Hospitals: Community Health Needs

Critical Access Hospital Needs Assessment

Publication Date: Thursday, August 4, 2023

Publication Authors: Brianna Rooney, Joyce Hospodar, Jill Bullock, Bryna Koch, Daniel Derksen

The Arizona Rural Hospital Flexibility Program technical assistance, training and information resource for populations served by Arizona’s 17 federally designated Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), 45 Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) – of which 24 are affiliated with AzCAHs – and Community Health Centers (Federally Qualified and Tribal), trauma, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and first responders. Every two years, the Flex program reviews and synthesizes the Community Health Needs Assessments completed by the AzCAHs in order to better understand community health needs in CAH communities. This brief presents the summary completed in 2023.

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