Rural Health Professions Program

hot air balloonAbout the Program

The Center for Rural Health and UA Zuckerman College of Public Health Rural Health Professions Program is a partnership with the Arizona Area Health Education Centers and provides resources to support service learning experiences for students. Service learning is built on the idea that experiential education, learning in the field instead of the classroom, builds a stronger understanding between students, faculty, and communities. 

The program supports the development and implementation of new service learning courses as well as the integration of service learning into existing courses offered by the college and provides support for student Masters of Public Health internships in Arizona’s rural communities. 

The CRH is also developing MPH and DrPH rural training tracks and is involved with the Area Health Education Center in implementing a post-doctoral rural health outcomes program.

Rural Health Professions Programs

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Rural Health Internship Grants

As part of the College curriculum, Masters students must complete an internship experience at a community site. The Rural Health Professions Program encourages these students to consider conducting internships in Arizona’s rural areas. The program provides $5,000 stipends to help students off-set the cost of repeated travel to the more rural parts of Arizona. This year’s grants supported projects in Globe, Yuma, Douglas, Nogales, and Flagstaff.