2022 4th Annual Emergency Medicine for Rural and Indigenous Communities Conference

Innovation and Adaptation

Northern Arizona landscape


All Day, Sept. 15 to 17, 2022

The Emergency Medicine for Rural & Indigenous Communities (emRIC) team is dedicated to improving emergency care delivered to indigenous and rural communities through education, advocacy, and collaboration. The Front Line Indigenous Partnership (FLIP) aims to empower emergency medicine health care providers serving indigenous populations to provide the highest quality care through educational, clinical, and administrative partnerships. Together, our programs welcome you to to the 4th Annual Emergency Medicine in Rural and Indigenous Communities conference in Flagstaff, Arizona.

‘Innovation and Adaptation.’ It’s our central theme for our 4th annual Emergency Medicine for Rural and Indigenous Communities (emRIC) conference. The Emergency Medicine for Rural and Indigenous Communities conference (formerly the Native American Rural Emergency Medicine conference) was initially developed to support healthcare professionals who provide emergency and acute care services to patients living in Indigenous and rural communities. The aim of the conference is to empower healthcare professionals to not only provide excellence in emergency medical care, but to do so in a manner that honors and respects the historical and cultural context of the communities they serve. This year, emRIC 2022 will focus not only on excellence in clinical care, but also public health initiatives, education and outreach, provider wellness, and advocacy within our rural and Indigenous communities. Conference participants will be invited to join our guest speaker discussions, break out panel discussions, as well as our hands-on procedural and ultrasound training workshop. We hope to see you there!

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