Bridget S. Murphy

Research Program Administration Officer II​

Bridget S. Murphy

Research Program Administration Officer II​

Dr. Murphy has three decades of education and experience in behavioral health and educational research/evaluation, services, and support. She has held positions in academic institutions, community-based and private sector organizations. Dr. Murphy’s holds a doctorate in behavioral health and master’s in education. Her principal experience is substance use, mental health and related infectious diseases for culturally diverse children, youth, and families in various settings. As a teen, Dr. Murphy struggled with substance use and mental health issues and participated in treatment. This experience provided the foundation for her academic and professional direction.   

Intervention Implementation. Dr. Murphy began her career by providing services to adolescents primarily involved with the juvenile justice system. This led to various projects implementing evidence-based services for adolescents and their families, transitional-aged youth, and pregnant, parenting, and childless women. Previously, she was the director of adolescent services and research and was responsible for intervention evaluation projects. These included trauma-focused recovery-oriented systems of care, evidence-based treatment, recovery supports, and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prevention, testing, and counseling projects. She led the day-to-day implementation of a multi-site screening, brief intervention, referral to treatment (SBIRT) project for juvenile justice involved youth and their caregivers. More recently, she coordinated a randomized controlled trial testing the efficacy of an online training for parents who have children with or suspected of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Behavioral Health Workforce Training and Technical Assistance. Dr. Murphy has provided or directed professional continuing education, training, and technical assistance activities in a variety of settings for professionals across the U.S. Today, she is managing a project designed to match experienced medication assisted treatment (MAT) providers with less experienced MAT providers to increase capacity for treating people with opioid use disorders. Dr. Murphy is directing training activities through the Arizona Rural Opioid Response Implementation project.

Teaching and Service. Dr. Murphy is the instructor for the undergraduate course Drugs and Society.  Situated within the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences Department this course takes a public health approach for understanding socio-psycho-biological factors associated with psychoactive drug use. It explores current and past research, policies, and practices related to psychoactive drug use in the United States and Arizona within the context of social determinants of health. It assesses morals, ethics, and laws pertaining to psychoactive drugs and how these influence research, policy, and practice. The course also examines ecological approaches to prevention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery, and the implications for public health. 

Dr. Murphy is a member of the Hepatitis C Elimination Advisory Group. This group aims to influence policy changes to reduce barriers to care and support community level harm reduction efforts to reduce infectious disease transmission.

Research Synopsis

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Research Interests

  • Substance use prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery
  • Mental health issues of trauma, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder
  • Sexual health and infectious diseases related to substance use
  • Intervention and implementation science
  • Behavioral health workforce development


  • DBH, M.Ed.