Little Colorado Medical Center

Little Colorado Medical Center, located in Winslow, Arizona, has a long history in the community. The facility opened in 1954 as a non-profit hospital under the name of Winslow Memorial Hospital. Today, the 25-bed hospital offers Medical, Surgical, and Gynecology/ Obstetrical, Intensive Care, Emergency Room and Swing Bed services. Examples of the types of supporting services offered include medical imaging, pharmacy services, day surgery and a full service clinical laboratory. In addition, the hospital works closely with the Winslow Indian Health Care Center to provide the best possible care to the community and the surrounding areas. There are 10 primary care physicians along with a multi-specialty practice located on the hospital campus. In early 2009, the hospital received Level IV Trauma Center designation from the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of EMS and Trauma System, allowing the facility to support the state’s Level I Trauma Centers by resuscitating and stabilizing a patient, then transferring a patient to a more appropriate trauma center based on a patient’s injuries.

Little Colorado Medical Center

Chief Executive Officer:
Jack Dempsey

Contact Information:
1501 Williamson Ave.
Winslow AZ 86047
(928) 289-4691
Fax: (928) 289-3855

Website | Facebook

Designation Date: 11/1/04

Frontier and Remote Area (FAR) Code: None

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