Sage Memorial Hospital

Sage Memorial Hospital, located in Ganado, Arizona, is operated by the Navajo Nation Foundation. The Navajo Nation Foundation is the nation's first Native-managed comprehensive health care system. It started in July 1974 when health care management was turned over to the Foundation from the local Presbyterian Church Mission after seven decades. Since then, a predominantly Navajo Board of Directors and staff have worked with great dedication to overcome health problems unrivalled anywhere in the nation. The hospital is a 25 bed inpatient facility offering the following key services: radiology, pharmacy, telemedicine, and a 24/7 Emergency Room. Specialized clinics also serve the community including a Dental Clinic, Diabetes Clinic and a Behavioral Health Clinic. The hospital also operates three field clinics which are located in Greasewood, Wide Ruins, and Sanders.

Sage Memorial Hospital

Chief Executive Officer:
Melinda White

Contact Information:
Hwys. 264 and 191
P.O. Box 457
Ganado AZ 86505
(928) 755-3411
Fax: (928) 755-4659

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Designation Date: 12/1/02

Frontier and Remote Area (FAR) Code: 3

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Action Medical Service
Arizona 264, Ganado, AZ 86505
(928) 755-6195

Phone: (928) 289-3315        
FAX: (928) 289-6445

Cynthia Steward, President

Ganado Fire District
State Hwy 264
PO Box 718
Ganado, AZ 86505
Phone: (928) 755-3424 | Fax: (928) 755-6330

Air Ambulance:
Global Air Rescue
Based at Sage Memorial Hospital

Highway 264

Ganado, AZ

Secondary Address:

P.O. Box 457
Ganado, AZ
Emergency Dispatch: (866) 299-6870 or (305) 514-0942