Parker Indian Health Center

Parker PHS Indian Hospital, located in Parker, Arizona, provides quality health care to the members of five Native American tribes. Numbering more than 5,200, the Indians who live in the Colorado Service Unit are comprised of the Colorado River Indians (an ethnic mix of Mojave, Hopi, Navajo, and Chemehuevi), Hualapai, Havasupai, Chemehuevi, and Fort Mojave tribes. The 20-bed JCAHO-accredited hospital is staffed by five physicians and one physician's assistant. This tribal hospital was the first in the country to get the inpatient beds also licensed as swing beds. The Indian community is provided with general medical care and pediatric services. Specialty outpatient services are provided on-site by IHS, by contract specialists or by off-site referrals. Obstetric patients are generally sent for delivery to local private facilities. Patients requiring surgical and more complex hospitalizations are referred to Phoenix Indian Medical Center, about 150 miles away.

Parker Indian Health Center

Chief Executive Officer:
Diana DeLeon 

Contact Information:
12033 Agency Rd.
Parker, AZ 85344
(928) 669-2137
Fax: (928) 669-2571


Designation Date: 11/21/02

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Hualapai Nation Emergency Service Department
Provides fire, medical, public health, and animal control services

Ronald Quasula Sr., Emergency Services Director-Fire Chief
Coby Covington, Emergency Medical Services Manager

24 hour dispatch services for:
Fire 928.769.2205
EMS 928.769.2656
Animal Control 928.769.2806

River Medical (EMS Only)

415 El Camino Way
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
Main Phone Number: (928) 855-4104
Fax: (928) 855-4141
Dispatch Number: (928) 855-3428

River Medical serves the communities of Kingman, Golden Valley, Parker, Quartzsite and Lake Havasu.

Air Ambulance:

Sun Care
2095 E. 32nd Street
Yuma, AZ  85365
Toll Free: (800) 327-0906 | Fax: (928) 344-5129

For rotor wing availability: 800-327-0906
Fixed wing: 800-327-0906

Tri-State Care Flight
2000 Hwy 95, Suite 210
  Bullhead City, Arizona 86442
Tel: 1-928-704-7025
 | Fax: 1-928-704-7026
Emergency Contact: 1-800-800-0900
Provides fixed wing and helicopter transport. Rotor wing EMS services provided 24/7/365 excluding neonatal and maternal patients.